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{Photo by David Lee}

Continued Manila Street Photos during Milenyo Storm

After writing my entry on the Milenyo storm, I've asked myself: whatever happened to (insert blogger) during the storm? What would people do if they experienced a week without gadgets & technology? Here's what I've found out:


Berniej of Talkin' Tech: complains at the staleness of news page of the electric company website. After hearing of the impeding storm, he panic charge all his gadget. But only a few of his gadgets was charged when the electricity, as well as the phone was cut-off.

Ade of Noisy, Noisy Man: experience tech cold turkey.

Gail Dela Cruz: like Ade, suffered from tech withdrawal symptoms.

Abraham "Abe" Olandres: like Noemi, he is blogging from a coffeeshop. His readership, and the income that goes with it drop significantly. He can bear living without electricity but a day without water is unbearable.

J. Angelo Racoma: DSL and power is down, using dial-up and batteries instead. Like Berniej, and Ellen, he despise the utility company service.

Manuel L. Quezon III: witnessed flying GI sheets.

Ellen Tordesillas: the subdivision where she lives has no water, and no electricity. The utility companies, as well as the goverment in her view is non-responsive and useless.

Jessica Zafra: felt like she was in Kabul. Her building has no power, and no phone service for two days. A laughing taxi driver blurted that the billboard of a famous showbiz personality is gone (Kris Aquino). A week later, and still no luck: still no electricity.

Dean Alfar: thanked a fictional Mr. Electricity.

The Warrior Lawyer: Skull of a man was split open, like a peeled, mature coconut when a Billboard fell on his vehicle.

Sonnie of Solomon's Kiosk: From his vantage point, the driver of a crushed SUV, will die. No electricity, no water, no phone, interminent cell phone coverage, cancelled plans. Afterwards his family went to a church to pray. Mirror at Sonnie's Porch : here and here.

Alternation: The City Mayor don't want a total ban of billboards.

Misispi of Appassionata: her family's voices, their laughter, filled their 5-days-without-light days. She quips how it beats an all-expense paid vacation.

Jim Paredes: He played Trivial Pursuit with family during the two days without electricity. He realized how wired his life was.

KC Concepcion: Prayed for the electricity, water systems, homes, families, lives, hearts to be restored.

Erwin "Cyberbaguioboy" Oliva: mentions bloggers who wrote about Milenyo on his Inquirer article.

Snow World: portion of the Market! Market! mall in the Fort Bonifacio Global City was torn off.

Philippines4Men: asked: what’s it with rain and sex anyway?

Madame Chiang: wants to ban billboards.

Tech in Black: witness his neighbor's roof ripped.

Jayvee Fernandez: on finding wireless internet.

Kevin "Kiven" Codamon: a tree hit the pedicab he was riding.

Penoi: spent the night at the office.

Kukote in a Jar: Saw Angel Locsin outside his boarding house doing a commercial shoot. No water, no electricity, mobile blogging using GPRS. Like Noemi, and Madame Chiang, he wants a total ban of billboards.

Nikki of a Work in Progress: McDonald's sign 20 feet above now lay in pieces on the ground.

Susan Ople: sang the night away. She also wrote a remembrance of Rosing,one of the strongest typhoon to hit our country.

Mec of Delisyuness: slept the storm away.

Alma Ritchel: the storm made her sleepy.

Kristina Ana Matanguihan: haven’t seen her village flooded since first year college.

Caffeinsparks: her neighborhood survived without much damage.

Glamarazzi: No Milenyo: Sunny at Cebu.

Everyday Ambiguities: The sound of the wind howling and GI sheets flapping is scarier than the news in AM radio. She felt like the day after felt like All-Saints day, with candles being out of stock.

Rex of Just typing out loud: played a game Pusoy Dos with his friends to kill boredom.

Karla Redor: Like Rex, played card games to pass the time. Going to office afterwards, felt to her like an obstacle course. She suffered almost one week of no electricity, and she has to reschedule her plans to visit a computer exhibition.

Everyday Ambiguities: floodwaters reached the fourth floor.

Darkblue: water has accumulated on the second floor of their apartment.

Elymar of Jozzua: no power, water supplies are low, ATM is not working.

Geneve's Rainbow-painted Life: no water, no electricity, no elevator, no shopping... etc.

Jef of Just Thinking Aloud: The tower where he works swayed.

Christine's Multiply Site: She prayed.

Jam Mayer of Call Center Script: they cancelled call center trainings.

Jules of the Idiot Board: no electricity, no water, all candles.

Ralph of Boredome Sucks: Milenyo raped his compound.

Erwin Rafael: tells the story of Juan, a Minimum Wage earner during the storm.

Gino of LongBox: Milenyo killed his birthday plans.

Tito Rolly: worries about her mother's Alzheimer's disease during the typhoon.

Village Idiot Savant: wax poetics inside a condominium.

Sean of Length of Words: is back online using a humming generator, and laments why non-foreign news didn't featured what happened to our country.

Barenaked: managed to go to a date during the storm.

Annalyn Jusay: her family stayed at a hotel during the storm. She ponders afterwards that this is the not worst thing that happened to her.

Anton of Our Awesome Planet: Never seen a sky as beautiful as the day after the storm.

Ian of Coredump: The large Chikka billboard that towered over a flyover succumbed.

Clair Ching: Rejoiced, due to the restored Power and Internet. She frolicked with her officemates at a coffeshop, due to lack of electricity at her workplace.

Roanne Vista: exhausted, broke due to delayed salary, drenched in sweat, & stranded

Pamela of Noturnal Angel: saw a naked doll hanging from a stick outside an old rundown house. Observed her brother and cousins playing shadow puppets.

Daragang Magayon: wish he could see the storm through the eyes of a child.

Classroom Situation Improv: Roof of their green house collapsed.

Jploh of iRant: He joked that typhoon is a feminist. Idle time made him tinker with the Ning application as a means to be updated with typhoon news.

Charo of The Geekette Speaketh: She tried to write a story, and played with candle wax for four hours.

Gibbs of Air in G: Milenyo destroyed Sorsogon's properties.

Sanya, Prinsesang Labandera: Los Baños and Calamba were swamped with mud, floods and traffic.

Driver ng Bayan: With no power in his laptop, his world went dark. He ponder that there is life after computer. He decided to driver afterwards.

Unleash the Balderdash: Trap inside his office. UP Manila's College of Public Health roof flew. No water, no phone, for two days.

Mong Palatino: On Milenyo and Shaky Government. Also at Global Voices


Noemi Lardizabal-Dado: her neighborhood, as is the rest of the country, is fallen trees laden. Like Madame Chiang, she wants to ban billboards. She has a wonderful typhoon photos, and on cleaning the debris afterwards. Despite the blackout, she found a way to blog, a willy Filipina indeed.

Connie "Sassy Lawyer" Veneracion: After a living a few days with no power and virtually no water she decided to pack the bags of her family and like Annalyn, move in to a hotel.

Doc Emer: has a map screenshot of the storm from the weather channel.

Charlie of Doctor Magnus: He missed his work-out at Fitness First.

Señor Enrique: took Quezon City photos after the storm.

Iron Wulf: noticed a surreal-horror scene at Makati City.

Jac Ting Lim: mentions her fellow San Pablo, Laguna typhoon photos.

Doranne Lim: people visited starbucks just to charge their cellphones, ipod, laptop. She laughed at how tech dependent people are.

Jonas Diego: took a beautiful photo of the skyline. He stayed indoors because of zero visibility.

Cynthia Bauzon-Arre: slept because of a flu, while his husband Arnold oversees construction..

Wifely Steps: took photos outside of her office.

Baratillo @ Cubao: On out of stock goods. She felt like the buildings were hit by a demi-god or a beast from hell. Photos: (part 1, 2)

Inside the mind of a single guy: no power, no phone, blogging inside an Internet Cafe. The aftermath (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

Nick Ballesteros of Watson Online: found out that the malls have no electricity, and decided to cook dinner instead. Water, water everywhere.

Lester Lagos: No power, no food, no cables, no ice.

Promdi: stuck at EDSA traffic.

Keet of Getting There: University of the Philippines is a wreck.

A Spoonful of Sugar: Mall of Asia ceiling bridge destroyed.

The Fash Pack: also of Mall of Asia.

Rico Mossesgeld: photo of a motorbike traversing a flooded area.

Milady of My So-Called Life: Scrap thieves stole copper cables and metals. She realized that without power, most of us are nothing.

Balitang Morong: Morong, Rizal uprooted trees.

Kat: tells her dillema on the way home, and played rain-themed song over and over.

Suzaku Lace: candlelight cooking.

Perishables: The park at Salcedo Village looks naked, like a woman forced to stripped and shaved bald.

Eric of Grusmph: posted a series of during-typhoon photos, as well as videos.

Filipina Soul: University of the Philippines, Los Baños trees uprooted.

Batang Baler: Ran away from the typhoon.

Girard of Kawadjan: During storm photos taken from his house.

The Marshals: expat family has a series of photos and videos: (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ).

Willy Prilles: like Abe and Noemi blog inside a coffeeshop on the typhoon-hit parts of Bicol. His post-storm nights are hot and humid, specially for the kids. Bicol, a largely agriculture region, was devastated. The typhoon is strongest to hit Sorsogon province in 30 years. Photos (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Mr. Fuji meets Manila: One of the first blogger to report about the storm, he peeks at the dark Makati horizon, and worries about the shaken buildings. Despite the sleepless night, he still took photos of Makati City.

Hochi Abaya: has during and after photos of Milenyo from his car.

David Lee of Flickr Philippines and Canon DSLR Flickr group posted lots of great photos about the Milenyo storm.

Adrian Demavivas also of Flickr Philippines & Canon DSLR Flickr group has lots of great photos street scenes after the storm.

Stanley Cabigas also of Flickr Philippines and Canon DSLR Flickr group has photos of bicycles cruising down the flooded streets of Manila.

Ella Rose: Gave a hug. I Hug back.


Shelley, one of my favorite blogger, braced herself for what she saw outside her office.

Leigh Reyes: Also outside her office.

Gerry Alanguilan: too tired to catch the news. He has a beautiful video of San Pablo, Laguna during the storm.

Edgar Tadeo: took a video of Pasig City during the storm.

Chris Allan Ferrera has a series of videos at Ayala Alabang Village.

Myxz022: also at Ayala Alabang Village.

Vespinoy: Almost a casualty. His view from 2nd floor.

Finally, if you've missed the news on TV, here are videos from Youtube: some are clips from news network, while others are seen through the eyes of the people who experienced the rage of the storm they named Milenyo.

See also: Manila Street Photos during Milenyo Storm


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    Kiven (02 October, 2006 08:21)

    hehe shouldve taken that Hotel taxi at the Intercon when i had the chance...oh well...

    Anonymous (02 October, 2006 19:48)

    what an awesome collection of blog entries!. I happen to live near the Ayala Malls so it was easy to find coffee shops with internet wifi. Also, I didn't blog everything all at once. I had work to do so I added the photos first for the world to see then in between work , I added entries.

    Lace Llanora (03 October, 2006 16:33)

    wow im surprised to see my photo on the list.

    milenyo is indeed a memorable "candlelight" moment : )

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