Feels Great to be Pinoy


{Painting by Maningning}

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Pinoy Web 2.0: 0-100


{logo by Alleba}

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How to break up with your girlfriend in 64 Easy Steps

meaning of life

I was astounded when I saw this animation at Youtube. At first I thought it was created by some amateur whiz artist who wanted to use youtube as a conduit for his pieces. Turns out the animation is created by Lev Yilmaz, a short film auteur who narrates his life using no-budget animated stick figures.

Lev's protagonist reminds me of Woody Allen - a modern insecure male - self-conscious and complex-ridden. His animations are narrated in a mature self-deprecating down-to-earth tone.
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The Most Popular Pinoy Blog Posts of 2006

The Most Popular Filipino Blog Post

Continued from The Best Designed Filipino Blogs

How do you create a popular blog post? The answer is: there is no pat answer. There is no secret formula, no magical talisman, no obscure password, no hidden underground tunnel that will lead to the road of fame.
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The Best Designed Filipino Blogs of 2006


{photo by Bryan Veloso}

At last! No more redundant tiled photo background, blinking text, and auto-playing background music. With the exception of Friendster, Myspace blogs, the majority of sore-eye pinoy blogs of the past are but now a minority. Thanks to the ever-evolving Content Management System (CMS), Filipino blog designs everywhere never looked so good.

The gallery below showcase the most awesome Filipino Blog Designs for 2006. It exemplies why in the hands of a talented pinoy designer, any blog can appeal to the eye, be eminently usable, and can also creatively throw the rulebook out of the window.
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