Summer Burnout

To all (but of course to you),

Summer beckons, and as my time in this world is but a thud, I shall ne'er forget your lingering presence while I bask in the coldness of the sun. Here I stand in this deserted seashore, the pain, the pain, as I say adieu to this blog, till once more the rain.

'till then. 'till then.


  1. Anonymous (28 March, 2006 05:19)

    hello! before you bid adieu can you at least leave a tutorial about this wonderfully done comment section.. you know parting gift?

    Anonymous (28 March, 2006 14:35)

    uhm... does goodbye mean summer hiatus... or goodbye for good?

    if so, why?

    and if so, may you continue living an interesting life :smile:

    Anonymous (30 March, 2006 06:27)

    hello again! if ur using dkgoodman's hack on the pics. can you give me pointers on how to show the pics of others since some of the pics for particular commenters doesnt appear and instead just the default one

    Anonymous (01 April, 2006 07:16)

    nice blog

    Anonymous (01 April, 2006 18:16)

    i'll miss your stories :smile: i hope it's not for good... and just a hiatus.

    Anonymous (04 April, 2006 02:59)

    I just found your blog!

    Anonymous (04 April, 2006 23:37)

    :grin::party: cool blog you have here

    Anonymous (06 April, 2006 10:49)

    just checking out, cool.

    Anonymous (07 April, 2006 18:59)

    Huh? Why are you leaving? Are you going to create a diff persona again? :smile:
    See yah around! wink

    Anonymous (10 April, 2006 15:28)

    Ayawan na? Sayang naman.

    Anonymous (20 April, 2006 10:46)

    everybody's on hiatus. :sad:

    Anonymous (16 June, 2006 14:12)

    yeah, why is everyone in hiatus?

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