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Marc: Gone are the days when a local celebrity can just run for public office and win.

Aileen: Filipinos are very talented.

Rico: Filipinos Continue to Find Success Worldwide.

Jonas: after more than a century of crisis, typhoons, and corrupt politics I remember that which matters most: we are still here.

Miguel: they’ve got some of the same problems as ours.

Jozzua: A foreigner I met says he came here 5 years ago. Now, he claims, it’s totally different.

Nina: We celebrate the smallest things and we celebrate with food.

Ajay: we have legions of them facing isolation and loneliness just so they can send money back home and pump up the economy.

Andrew: Can I say I’m proud to be Davaoeno?

Marc Javellana: Biofuels Bill was Passed last January and silently took effect last May

Joni: When OFWs meet each other in another country they instantly form a bond even if they don’t know each other.

Philippines for Men: I have always believed in the beauty, the strength, the character, the brains, and the love of a Filipina.

Ria: Every Pinoy worker who works hard, not for himself, but for his family and the country.

Melissa: despite the odds, pinoys are still hopeful that something better will come soon.

Grace: We know how to make light of dark moments, and laugh about it.

Blogie: Filipinos are highly adept in languages.

Jun Anteola: And we know how to laugh at our silly selves.

Jane: One needs to LEAVE this country and LIVE elsewhere to realize just how much we love it. Never in my whole life did hearing “Lupang Hinirang” stir me to tears than when I was away.

Yna: we’re hardworking, dedicated, family-oriented, and trustworthy folks.

Alex: adobo is proudly Philippine-made. Yummy. Long shelf life. Perfect. Beat that, Big Mac.

Jhay: Who said Pilipinos are just good for domestic jobs, call centers, prostitution and other marginalized jobs?

Laureen Jane: Filipino SPED teachers are at par with the high standards of the U.S.

Rain: Ang pagkakaroon pa rin ng espirito ng idealismo

Manilenya: kasi warm people tayo. Warm ako pramis ewan ko kayo.

Benj: Sa pamamagitan ng musika, naipabatid nila sa maraming tao na hindi ang pagkakaiba sa relihiyon ang dahilan ng kaguluhan kungdi ang kawalan pang-unawa sa kapwa tao.

Mae: some of the world’s most beautiful sights. Whether it is man-made or not.

Noemi: Filipinos show bamboo-like resilience resilient even during the most difficult times.

Janette: Despite the tough times we go through, economically and politically, we manage to enjoy our lives and not throw our country into chaos.

Tess: We live as extended families: mother, father, the in-laws, siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents, and the househelp all in the same house.

Shari: More and more Filipino youth have become more vigilant and are now taking their social roles and responsibilities seriously.

Jester: they who have put their intellects in the service of the nation.

Our home may be imperfect, but it is OUR home. Our country maybe filthy, but boy is it filthy beautiful. It is a country where holdapers, bag- slashers, snatchers, swindlers, pimps, prostitutes, jueteng/sakla operators thrives. It is a country with more paradox and contradiction than any thesaurus can muster. It is a country of kind, respectful, friendly, loving and creative people who can laugh even when tragedy befalls them. It’s so exhilarating unique. It’s the one place where you can be the real you. It feels good to be near. It feels home.

1. The Best.

Filipinos are flexible and adaptable, but you can’t just uproot them and expect them to be native in a foreign land overnight. Everyday, thousand of Filipinos miss the echo of the roosters at dawn; flying jeepneys and whirling tricycles; kikiam, taho, banana-que, isaw, tapsilog, mami, palabok, balut and the succulent mango; the San Miguel and sisig during videoke session; the churchgoers and hawkers of Quiapo, the jaw dropping price of Divisoria, the wood penis carved in Baguio, and the buko pie baked in Laguna; Jollibee; karera, sabong and lotto; the demure yet sexy as well as strong-willed morenas, the chinky tsinays, and the sparkling mestizas; the organic igorots; the helping hand of yaya’s and boys; Boracay and Nasugbu; the Christmas simbang gabi, karoling, and puto bungbong; The New year’s bawang, and sinturon ni hudas; the ati-atihan, palaro, liga, dancing contest, Miss Gay, perya during Fiesta; the laid back siesta; the hugs, kisses, and mano po; the warm smile even in the face of sorrow.

2. The Worst.

One can blame why we lag to kurakot (greed), kakulangan ng delikadesa (lack of honor), walang isang salita (no word of honor), Filipino time (tardiness), deadma (apathy, like lack of funding for scientist and inventors), crab mentality (selfishness), kanya-kanya (ethnic or religious prejudice), Juan tamad (laziness), maƱana habit (procrastination), kung makakalusot (dishonesty), utang na loob (bribes), kakulangan ng disiplina (jaywalking, river garbage, working only with supervision), anong mapapala ko (tax fraud), and a slew of other deep rooted negative values.

3. The Future.

Give people a fickle of hope first, in a town of filth and corruption first. Then someday this ray of hope may trickle down on our conscience for a more dignified life – so that someday we may regain our true selves – a true redemption in a bittersweet town. You can’t just sit there helplessly, escape to a far away land and watch as your country slowly deteriorates. Keep the hope alive! Keep the hope alive!


  1. Anonymous (26 May, 2007 14:03)

    best.. we're good in infotech and we speak english fluently

    worst.. crab mentality... OMGord, it's rampant!

    future.. the fog is too thick... do we have a +future? maybe for some, but not for most.


    Miguel (26 May, 2007 14:28)

    Like what I said in my post... crab mentality? That's hardly a Filipino monopoly.

    I'm not saying we should condone it but we shouldn't punish ourselves for having it.

    the jester-in-exile (27 May, 2007 14:05)

    "Our home may be imperfect, but it is OUR home."

    apparently jude cross doesn't think so.

    Anonymous (27 May, 2007 20:57)

    I agree with Miguel 100%!!!

    Anonymous (28 May, 2007 06:26)

    i am a victim of crab mentality in a corp world. lost my chance of getting the job i want because of a jealous crab.

    Anonymous (28 May, 2007 11:16)

    To clarify my statement, my point is that since Filipinos find success worldwide, the potential for out greatness is there. All we need is the proper support and development.

    Anonymous (28 May, 2007 12:35)

    Thanks for supporting the meme Mike. Our little declaration of support is very timely. The elections have finished and Independence Day is just around the corner.

    jonasdiego (29 May, 2007 14:06)

    Thanks for the link love! :)

    Aileen Apolo-de Jesus (29 May, 2007 16:45)

    I'm absolutely proud to be Pinoy, no matter what. :)

    Anonymous (31 May, 2007 06:34)

    On the contrary, many scholars believe the Philippines is just the right place for shipping, natural resources esp fisheries etc.

    Too bad foreigners already dominate these domains.

    lateralus (01 June, 2007 12:18)

    Nabuking naman ako doon sa pagbibigay ko ng mababaw na sagot. hehehe

    Unknown (26 September, 2012 01:32)

    Ang galing ng Pinoy napaka'talented talaga sa lahat ng bagay.

    kagaya ng www.tagalog-translator.com

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