The Challenge Of The Super-Duper Friends!

Challenge of the Superduperfriends

The Challenge of the Superduperfriends (1 min.):


  1. Anonymous (21 April, 2007 22:04)

    ayos nauna ako dito :D

    ang galing naman ng super-duper friends. sana may ganyan din sa pinas hehe. post mo din kapag meron na. malacaƱang naman ang setting *lol. lagot si gloria. bwahahaha

    Anonymous (21 April, 2007 22:06)

    Actually hindi ako ang artist niyan pero yung studio ko ang may gawa. :)

    Anonymous (21 April, 2007 23:13)

    Maganda 'yang suggestion mo, problema lang walang local political animator.

    Pero kung sakali may makita akong video na ganito rin ang tema, ikaw ang unang makaka-alam.

    Thanks for informing me on that one Andrew. I've updated the source. Salamat sa pagbisita.

    Kel Fabie (24 April, 2007 01:16)

    Problema sa Pinas is this...

    You make a video of Bush and bash him, tawanan blues.

    You make a video of GMA like that and bash her, you just might end up a statistic.

    Somehow, unlike most US politicians, people in this country aren't exactly as sporting.

    Anonymous (24 April, 2007 11:44)

    You're right on Gloria. But I have to respectfully disagree on one thing.

    The reason why Gloria doesn't get as much laugh as Bush is because we laugh more in general with intelligence-based jokes than others.

    During Erap era for example, Estrada was the constant butt of jokes in sitcoms.

    lateralus (25 April, 2007 22:53)

    There was this show on RJTV - I think Jojo A All The Way --- that tried the Conan schtick of "talking" to politicians on a widescreen (the one wherein they superimpose another person's mouth over a known figure's face). They did that to Gloria and they were swamped with complaints the next day.

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